Castle Keep

Story of the Wide-Eyed Monk -Chapter 8-

Our Freedom, Extinguished

This chapter of my life begins with my capture in Kabret. The reason for my capture is as good a guess by you as it is by me. Perhaps the guards didn’t like the way I dressed, or my walk, or my name. Perhaps I just smelled of foreign peculiarity to them. Regardless, I was sentenced to something called the Trial of Truth with two other fellows who would soon become the solutions to some of the questions I had sought to answer for some time. For this unorthodox trial I was joined by a proud and talented human spellcaster named Neka. We were also joined by a strange elf priestess named Niteliel. She seemed strikingly aloof during our early times together as I’m sure I did too. I didn’t know much more about my companions at this time, nor did I know what the history behind this manor was.

As the doors shut behind us, we were engulfed by tar-like darkness. A second later, Niteliel’s sword appeared, lit up brilliantly. With this light, we could see that we were in a entry hall of sorts that appeared to be much larger than our light. At the end of the hall stood a large, marble staircase that seemed slightly out of place with its stark whiteness against the stone of the house. Between us and the staircase stood six large candlesticks. Seeing these, I attempted to light one with my flint and steel, only to watch it flicker to life on its own. As we walked, the rest followed suit. As we continued, I started up the stairs, only to hear that my companions were stuck. Alarmed, I turned around to see them just standing there with bewildered looks on their faces. Before we could explore this phenomenon, we noticed dancing shadows around us. This alerted us to the fact that we were not alone. We were being followed by animated candles!

This would be our first battle together. It proved to be quite the challenge. With the elf and I taking the brunt of the candles’ strange charge, we managed to hold them in one place for a while, though we couldn’t seem to land a hit on them as they bounced around. Neka and I set up a strategy with him casting burning hands through me, hitting 3 of our foes in the process. The method worked as I would make diving jumps and twirls to twist away from the flames. Suddenly, our luck ran out, as I misjudged my landing and found myself torched by a wave of fire and struggling to put the flames out. We were forced to retreat slightly and heal (the potion I bought from those guards didn’t seem to make difference when I drank it. I think I may’ve been scammed). After we were ready, we set up a new strategy with me flanking the candlesticks and Neka using his heavy crossbow to set things straight. We slowly managed fell each of the hopping enemies. As the last foe was extinguished, Niteliel’s light faded away, and we were once again swallowed by darkness…



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