Castle Keep

Plot Happens!

After being ejected from the Elemental Plane of Fire, our three heroes found themselves back in the lounge of the mansion, with the fireplace blazing behind them. After collecting themselves, Niteliel decided to sit down on the armchair, only to be jarred by a voice! It turned out to be Angelo Zinfadel, a lord of the House. Despite the fact that nobody could see him, he was glad to have company and suggested they make themselves at home, even calling upon his manservant, Gamzee to help them. While taking a break, the trio discussed what happened in the fire plane, including collecting the Flame diamond and how Din-Tei and Neka managed to escape, despite falling. After they were all caught up, Din-Tei had the idea to pass some time with a bit of Hangman. Everyone agreed, including Gamzee. The four went outside to the hall after Gamzee talked with Angelo, and the game began. Almost immediately, Gamzee began to freak out, and the group had to explain the letter “e”. Gamzee showed them how a REAL e was supposed to look, even going so far as to spell out his name before walking back into the Lounge. As the group examined this odd-script, they remembered the pedestals by the stairs and attempted to place the diamond on each of them. When nothing happened, Din-Tei pointed out that it was possible they were missing something, a pair to be placed on the other pedestal. Knowing that, the group turned to head towards the Dining Room.

Though they had been inside before, they hadn’t fully explored the room. Taking care, they explored, taking note of the large table in the middle of the room, the broken clock on the mantle, and the pots next to a door on the other end of the room. Everyone worked together to pull open the stuck door. As soon as they did, a cold wind blew them back, slamming the door to the hallway shut. Knowing the Diamond would make them weaker to the cold, as it protected them from the flame, Niteliel hid it in one of the nearby pots. In the darkness, Din-Tei noticed a glowing light near the table. As the group crowded around it, wondering what it meant, another blast of wind came from the open doorway, along with a bit of snow, so the three walked into the dark doorway.

After an odd sensation of pulling, the three suddenly found themselves in the Elemental Plane of Water, albeit a very cold region of it. A blizzard buffeted them from all sides. Each one did their best to weather the weather, Niteliel with her magic, Neka through a potion, and Din-Tei through sheer force of will. As they made their way, the falling ice blinded them, and Niteliel fell into a sudden break in the ice. Din-Tei quickly rescued her, and the three moved on. However, when they came to what appeared to be a river at the edge of the ice, Neka was caught unawares, and began to sink. Din-Tei to the rescue! Unfortunately, he was too late, being unable to swim faster than Neka was sinking. Din-Tei told Niteliel, and the two attempted to swim across to the other side. Din-Tei suddenly got a cramp from all of the unexpected swimming and began to sink as well. Niteliel, unsure of what to do, proceeded to walk. She soon came upon a giant pillar of ice, not unlike the pillar of obsidian in the Plane of Fire.

Meanwhile, the two drowning men noticed shapes swimming through the water: Sahuagins, strange human-fish hybrids that called the plane their home. They captured Din-Tei, not noticing the deeper Neka, and dragged him to the surface, prepared to enjoy a delicious dinner. Neka continued to sink for some time before again reaching a dark platform, all cold gone. Recognizing a pattern, he took a step. As the blackbirds flew away, a new pattern appeared below him: A red gear on a lighter orange background. Expecting, but not seeing, a light to walk towards, he wandered, soon reaching the edge of his “platform”, where the color ended and he could go no further. He saw a light further through the darkness, but he knew he couldn’t reach it. Turning around, he then saw what he had expected: his exit light. He walked towards it, knowing what would come next…

Back on the Plane of Water, Niteliel noticed the Sahuagins and Din-Tei land not far away from her. As she ran toward them, a water elemental materialized from the snow and tried to defend the Sahuagins. Niteliel and Din-Tei were victorious and collected the fish-mens’ tridents as reward. They continued on, soon seeing a cave in the distance. After crossing another river, the two cautiously entered the cave. Despite being protected from the storm, they noticed the hanging icicles and proceeded carefully, dodging as the ice-spears fell. After a time, the passageway opened up to a large ice-covered room. Along the back wall and flanked by two ice-topped pillars was an ice-altar, upon which was a shimmering blue sphere. Recognizing the layout, Din-Tei and Niteliel prepared themselves to fight as the elf went to collect the sphere. As she approached, the icy pillars glowed blue, and as she touched the prize, a Water Mephit and an Ice Mephit burst from their slumbers. The battle had begun!



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