Castle Keep

Plot Happens!

After being ejected from the Elemental Plane of Fire, our three heroes found themselves back in the lounge of the mansion, with the fireplace blazing behind them. After collecting themselves, Niteliel decided to sit down on the armchair, only to be jarred by a voice! It turned out to be Angelo Zinfadel, a lord of the House. Despite the fact that nobody could see him, he was glad to have company and suggested they make themselves at home, even calling upon his manservant, Gamzee to help them. While taking a break, the trio discussed what happened in the fire plane, including collecting the Flame diamond and how Din-Tei and Neka managed to escape, despite falling. After they were all caught up, Din-Tei had the idea to pass some time with a bit of Hangman. Everyone agreed, including Gamzee. The four went outside to the hall after Gamzee talked with Angelo, and the game began. Almost immediately, Gamzee began to freak out, and the group had to explain the letter “e”. Gamzee showed them how a REAL e was supposed to look, even going so far as to spell out his name before walking back into the Lounge. As the group examined this odd-script, they remembered the pedestals by the stairs and attempted to place the diamond on each of them. When nothing happened, Din-Tei pointed out that it was possible they were missing something, a pair to be placed on the other pedestal. Knowing that, the group turned to head towards the Dining Room.

Though they had been inside before, they hadn’t fully explored the room. Taking care, they explored, taking note of the large table in the middle of the room, the broken clock on the mantle, and the pots next to a door on the other end of the room. Everyone worked together to pull open the stuck door. As soon as they did, a cold wind blew them back, slamming the door to the hallway shut. Knowing the Diamond would make them weaker to the cold, as it protected them from the flame, Niteliel hid it in one of the nearby pots. In the darkness, Din-Tei noticed a glowing light near the table. As the group crowded around it, wondering what it meant, another blast of wind came from the open doorway, along with a bit of snow, so the three walked into the dark doorway.

After an odd sensation of pulling, the three suddenly found themselves in the Elemental Plane of Water, albeit a very cold region of it. A blizzard buffeted them from all sides. Each one did their best to weather the weather, Niteliel with her magic, Neka through a potion, and Din-Tei through sheer force of will. As they made their way, the falling ice blinded them, and Niteliel fell into a sudden break in the ice. Din-Tei quickly rescued her, and the three moved on. However, when they came to what appeared to be a river at the edge of the ice, Neka was caught unawares, and began to sink. Din-Tei to the rescue! Unfortunately, he was too late, being unable to swim faster than Neka was sinking. Din-Tei told Niteliel, and the two attempted to swim across to the other side. Din-Tei suddenly got a cramp from all of the unexpected swimming and began to sink as well. Niteliel, unsure of what to do, proceeded to walk. She soon came upon a giant pillar of ice, not unlike the pillar of obsidian in the Plane of Fire.

Meanwhile, the two drowning men noticed shapes swimming through the water: Sahuagins, strange human-fish hybrids that called the plane their home. They captured Din-Tei, not noticing the deeper Neka, and dragged him to the surface, prepared to enjoy a delicious dinner. Neka continued to sink for some time before again reaching a dark platform, all cold gone. Recognizing a pattern, he took a step. As the blackbirds flew away, a new pattern appeared below him: A red gear on a lighter orange background. Expecting, but not seeing, a light to walk towards, he wandered, soon reaching the edge of his “platform”, where the color ended and he could go no further. He saw a light further through the darkness, but he knew he couldn’t reach it. Turning around, he then saw what he had expected: his exit light. He walked towards it, knowing what would come next…

Back on the Plane of Water, Niteliel noticed the Sahuagins and Din-Tei land not far away from her. As she ran toward them, a water elemental materialized from the snow and tried to defend the Sahuagins. Niteliel and Din-Tei were victorious and collected the fish-mens’ tridents as reward. They continued on, soon seeing a cave in the distance. After crossing another river, the two cautiously entered the cave. Despite being protected from the storm, they noticed the hanging icicles and proceeded carefully, dodging as the ice-spears fell. After a time, the passageway opened up to a large ice-covered room. Along the back wall and flanked by two ice-topped pillars was an ice-altar, upon which was a shimmering blue sphere. Recognizing the layout, Din-Tei and Niteliel prepared themselves to fight as the elf went to collect the sphere. As she approached, the icy pillars glowed blue, and as she touched the prize, a Water Mephit and an Ice Mephit burst from their slumbers. The battle had begun!

The Plane of Fire
shit gets real

Watching Neka fall into the fires of this realm had been quite alarming, but there was no time to dwell on our losses; we had to keep moving forward and get back to the mansion. After fighting some fire elementals and mephits, Din-Tei and I continued forward past the obsidian rocks until we reached the entrance of a large cave. As we entered the cave we both caught sight of a shining, red diamond resting on a tall pedestal in front of us. On both sides of the pedestal stood two large vases, but those hardly caught our attention. Din-Tei ordered me to take out my bow and stay behind while he ventured forth to investigate the diamond. I wasn’t complaining since the chances of something bad happening once the diamond was touched were extremely high at this point. If the man wanted to take the first try at it by all means I should let him. Instead of picking it up like any normal person would have, he decided to kick the diamond off its perch (because doing anything normally seems beyond this man’s capacity).

Of course, our disturbance did not go unnoticed for from within the vases arose two very peeved looking fire creatures. Obviously they weren’t particularly pleased by Din-Tei kicking their precious diamond off its pedestal and began to charge straight towards him, ignoring my presence completely. Din-Tei has thankfully taken advantage of what little time he had before the creatures began their attack to put the diamond away into his backpack. Since the monster’s attention was focused on getting the diamond back from Din-Tei that made attacking from afar much easier for me. After all the bad luck I’d been having so far in our previous fights, I very pleased with myself when I managed to take down the first fire creature with only three arrows. On the last hit from my arrow the creature exploded into a heap of lava onto the floor where it stood. Sadly, that victory was the end of my perfect shooting streak. I continued shooting my arrows from where I stood but my aim seemed to be getting worse by the second. In a moment of purely unfocused shooting one of my arrows not only missed the monster completely but also hit Din-Tei in the arm instead. Needless to say, I am not proud of that moment at all and even though Din-Tei can be quiet strange and hard to understand, hitting him with one of my arrows was never my intent… not unless he actually deserved it.

Things continued to go from bad to worse and before I knew it, the monster had knocked Din-Tei unconscious. As the monster searched through his backpack, I ran as quickly as I could to their side of the cave. Before I was able to reach them the monster had already reclaimed the diamond, brought the diamond back to its rightful place on the pedestal, and descended back into its respective vase. “At least it’s gone for now,” I thought to myself. Finally by Din-Tei’s side, I gave him a firm shake to see if he would wake up. No such luck. “Looks like I have no other option,” I said to myself as I placed my hands on his chest. I muttered the incantation for the cure moderate wounds spell and within a few moments I could see Nathan regaining consciousness. “Mother…?” he whispered as he awoke. “U-uh…no, it’s Niteliel…” I sputtered out, completely thrown off by his response. Din-Tei sat up and stared at me for a while before responding again. “Did they take back the diamond?” I nodded. “I see…”

I helped Din-Tei back onto his feet and we walked back to the front of the cave. I refused to have gone this far without claiming that diamond and since the monster from before had been weakened defeating him wouldn’t be too hard. “Stay back and I’ll get the diamond this time.” I told Din-Tei as I began my advance towards the diamond. As I reached out for it I began to feet immense heat against my hand but once I had grasped it, all of the heat suddenly vanished. Just like before, the flame beast erupted from its vase, still looking furious. This time I was ready for it. Having first secured the diamond in my pouch, I drew my sword for attack. Remember how I said after my first successful attacks my luck had run out? Yeah, that was still a pretty accurate sentiment for the rest of this battle. In an attempt to strike down the monster with my sword I rolled a one got my sword stuck in the ground beneath me. Super. Of course the monster took advantage of my situation to grab my bag and try to take reclaim diamond. With my sword stuck in the ground, there wasn’t much I could really do other than struggle to keep the creature out of my bag (and hope I didn’t damaged too badly in the process). Din-Tei tried shooting at the creature with him arrows but in the process hit me with one of them. “Honestly, I feel like I deserved that,” I thought to myself bitterly. The creature looked like it was weakening when I heard Din-Tei let out a loud yell. From behind the monster he charged forward and punched straight through monster’s torso and summersaulted forward before landing back on the ground. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed with his finishing blow.

There wasn’t much time for celebrating because within seconds the whole cave began to shake violently. Din-Tei and I ran as quickly as we can out of the cave and began leaping across the rock trail to return to where we arrived. I suddenly heard a yell and looked back to see Din-Tei had missed his last jump and was now falling as Neka had before. From where I stood I could tell that he was already too far for me to help him and as badly as I felt about it, I had to keep going. The giant rock we had arrived in front of was right before me and without thinking, I leaped right into it. I had thankfully made the right decision in doing that for as I passed through the rock I now found myself back in front of the fireplace. I let out a sigh of relief that was quickly replaced by a surprised yell as the other two flew out of the fire place and landed right on top of me. “O-ouch…”


After managing to fight off a hoard of possibly demonic birthday candles, our quaint little ragtag group was left in the darkness of the mansion. Because nobody around here bothers to light some candles that aren’t sentient, apparently. The cleric had used her magic to make her sword glow, but that didn’t last long after the fight. Then the wax from the walking candles bunched up and formed a giant ball of light. …I don’t even know.

We decided to rest up for a bit to get our spells back, seeing as how I was essentially out of juice, and the other two couldn’t cast their way out of a paper sack at the best of times, anyways. Especially that monk. Divine magic may be divine, i.e., dumb, but at least the elf seems to have all the lights on upstairs.

During the break, the elf had found two doors in the hall. We looked behind both of them, starting with the stone one. In there was a room with a round table and chairs, with a door barely visible further in. Deciding we’d come back later, we went to the other door, this one wooden. On the other side, there was a room with a fireplace and a giant armchair. There was obviously some magic going on here, as if almost being turned into slightly charred red paste by a set of killer candelabras wasn’t hint enough.

Anywho, other than the giant chair, we couldn’t see much besides the fireplace, so that was what we checked out first. You know what? I take back what I said about the elf not belonging in an institution. The crazy knife-ear just goes ahead and crawls in the fireplace. I mean, it wasn’t lit or anything, but my first thought when I see a fireplace isn’t “Yup, that right there fireplace seems preeeety inviting. Don’t mind if I do.” I’ll be lucky if I can survive this group. Or avoid throttling them.

Well, what’s weird is the elf just goes right on through the back wall of the fireplace! I’d seen similar work studying under the old man, so my first thought was an illusion hiding a secret door or something. Maybe the elf spotted a clue? I don’t know. Before I can do anything, that crazy-ass monk just up and follows her. So I’m left standing in the haunted mansion with no meatshield in the dark and likely a cluster of goddamn haunted dishware just waiting to get at my soft meaty bits. Nope, no soft squishy mage for you, devil-plate.

I fortunately had a spell prepared that allowed me to communicate with others within a certain distance, so I ended up casting that to communicate with the idiots in the fireplace. I’ll admit, it wasn’t what I had in mind when I chose that spell, but hey. It gets stuff done. What’s weird is that when I asked questions, the monk and the elf responded, but there was a third voice as well. Aw frick, I think the monk is rubbing off on me or something. I learned that the monk and elf were alive, and apparently standing in a huge area, so that eliminated the illusion covering the secret passage theory. I ended up just following them through after a little hesitation, because hey, I may be an all-powerful conduit of arcane wrath, but no way am I going to stand around talking to a ghost drink coaster or whatever the Hell was talking back.

Well, it turns out that once I got through the fireplace-portal (here forth abbreviated as “fireportal,” because I am awesome at making up words. You’re welcome, Common), “huge” didn’t really do the room justice. We were in a vast area that stretched to the horizon. We stood atop a wide stone pillar, with several other pillars around us, and below us were orange clouds. In the distance there was a much larger pillar that dwarfed us and all of the others. The elf had some knowledge of the planes (I don’t know why either. They apparently teach advanced knowledge of the multiverse in Divine Casting Kindergarten or something) and identified where we were at the Plane of Fire.

Let me restate. We got to the plane of fire through a fireportal™ in a fireplace.

Gods, I hate this place already.

Anywho, we are about to try leaping over to the first pillar, making our way towards the large pillar in the distance. And I swear to Boccob, there was a patch of water on the pillar or something, because as soon as I landed I slipped and fell. As I fell, wouldn’t you know it goddamn imps jump out at the others. At least, I think they’re imps. Or fire elementals. Or something. You know what, it’s the Plane of Fire, they’re fire-midgets or something. You get the picture. Also, they had wings and could fly.

Note to self: take Featherfall ASAP.

Fortunately, for some magic reason or other, I kind of gently floated down. All I know is that I was plummeting towards the orange clouds below, and then suddenly without me casting anything I was plummeting slower. I drift down through the clouds and eventually land in… well, I think it’s best described as a “void”. I couldn’t see the ground, I couldn’t see the clouds, all I saw was blackness. I picked myself up and took a step, the blackness opened up beneath me, revealing a sigil of a sun, and a light appeared in the distance. Moving towards it, there was blinding light, then next thing I know I found myself back in the mansion outside the fireportal™ again. Oh, and I was also on top of a dogpile involving me, the monk, and the elf.

Even unintentionally, I come out on top. Oh yeah.

Story of the Wide-Eyed Monk -Chapter 8-
Our Freedom, Extinguished

This chapter of my life begins with my capture in Kabret. The reason for my capture is as good a guess by you as it is by me. Perhaps the guards didn’t like the way I dressed, or my walk, or my name. Perhaps I just smelled of foreign peculiarity to them. Regardless, I was sentenced to something called the Trial of Truth with two other fellows who would soon become the solutions to some of the questions I had sought to answer for some time. For this unorthodox trial I was joined by a proud and talented human spellcaster named Neka. We were also joined by a strange elf priestess named Niteliel. She seemed strikingly aloof during our early times together as I’m sure I did too. I didn’t know much more about my companions at this time, nor did I know what the history behind this manor was.

As the doors shut behind us, we were engulfed by tar-like darkness. A second later, Niteliel’s sword appeared, lit up brilliantly. With this light, we could see that we were in a entry hall of sorts that appeared to be much larger than our light. At the end of the hall stood a large, marble staircase that seemed slightly out of place with its stark whiteness against the stone of the house. Between us and the staircase stood six large candlesticks. Seeing these, I attempted to light one with my flint and steel, only to watch it flicker to life on its own. As we walked, the rest followed suit. As we continued, I started up the stairs, only to hear that my companions were stuck. Alarmed, I turned around to see them just standing there with bewildered looks on their faces. Before we could explore this phenomenon, we noticed dancing shadows around us. This alerted us to the fact that we were not alone. We were being followed by animated candles!

This would be our first battle together. It proved to be quite the challenge. With the elf and I taking the brunt of the candles’ strange charge, we managed to hold them in one place for a while, though we couldn’t seem to land a hit on them as they bounced around. Neka and I set up a strategy with him casting burning hands through me, hitting 3 of our foes in the process. The method worked as I would make diving jumps and twirls to twist away from the flames. Suddenly, our luck ran out, as I misjudged my landing and found myself torched by a wave of fire and struggling to put the flames out. We were forced to retreat slightly and heal (the potion I bought from those guards didn’t seem to make difference when I drank it. I think I may’ve been scammed). After we were ready, we set up a new strategy with me flanking the candlesticks and Neka using his heavy crossbow to set things straight. We slowly managed fell each of the hopping enemies. As the last foe was extinguished, Niteliel’s light faded away, and we were once again swallowed by darkness…

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