Main Hall

The entryway of House Zinfadel, and the first room the party saw when they began the Trial of Truth. A grand hall, with a high ceiling and two tones of grey stones forming a red-carpet-esque feel leading up to a large marble staircase. On either side of the room is a door: From the front door, to the left lies the Dining Room behind a stone door, and to the right lies the Lounge, behind a thick wooden door. Tall stone columns line the hall on both sides.

The staircase goes up a short way to a landing. At the landing is a set of ornate double wooden doors. The stairs then split in two directions, leading further into the mansion. On either side of the staircase is a small stone pedestal, each with an inscription on a plaque in an unknown script.

In this room the party fought a group of animated candlesticks. Upon defeat, their pools of wax clumped and levitated, forming a self-sustaining lantern that permanently lights the room.

There is currently some sort of barrier preventing Neka and Niteliel from reaching the stairs, though Din-Tei doesn’t seem to have trouble ascending.

Main Hall

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